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Solar Storm - Longbow


Inspired by the Northern Lights that frequent the Boreal north. The dancing of energetic particles as they interact with Earth's atmosphere is always a welcome sight and awakens an awe in all of us.

The Solar Storm Longbow is a smooth drawing, accurate shooting longbow.  The powerful cast from this bow will be appreciated by all archers and bow hunters alike.

This shorter longbow handles with extreme ease in any situation and the deflex riser points on target quickly. The 16" deflex riser is comfortably shaped to allow for a consistent grip and sits in your hand as if it was made for it. The 64" bow can handle 30"+  of draw with comfort. The limb core is bamboo and a variety of wood veneers can make for a unique look.  Available in 60", 62" or 64".

  • Standard Bow CAD 650

  • For more info go to our Price List

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