Laminated Longbows

I offer 4 designs in fiberglass laminated bows.


  • The straight limb Prairie Longbow (66"-68"), 16" riser

  • The Boreal Longbow: 64" to 66" long with a 16" Riser. Comfortable draw with plenty of cast.

  • The Dragonfly Longbow: 60" long with a 14" riser and semi-static tips in the the form of power wedges. A very maneuverable little bow, with lots of power.

  • Singularity Longbow: 64"-68" with a bottom heavy 19" riser

Standard price on all laminated bows are CND $750

Carbon lamination                                 add CND $ 100

Take down                                              add CND$ 200

All bows include a bow bag, stringer and manual and an optional leather/beaver tail grip. Shipping not Included

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