For the outdoor archer, spending a day outside in the bush requires some accessories that can make your life easier, without taking away the adventure.  Since 1999, I have lived a life close to nature, first in the semi desert of South Africa and since 2014, In the wilderness of Manitoba Canada. In those year I have made most of the mistakes one person can and have learned a few valuable lesson. Below I offer handmade accessories for the outdoor person, all of them that I can recommend as necessary.

Arrows - Shafts, Fletching or complete arrows.

Spruce shafts                                   : Cnd$ 8/shaft

Complete arrows (with fieldpoint) : Cnd$ 20

Turkey feathers (full length - 10")  :Cnd$ 5/each

Carbon Arrows                                 : POR


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Quivers - Back or side

Made from quality hand stitched leather. The basic quiver is CND$ 200. This includes a custom quiver with personilazed features.


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Arm Guards and shooting tabs

Custom Guard           : Cnd$ 40

Custom Tabs             : Cnd $40

Hand Made from bison hide. Specify left or right handed. Split finger or 3 under. A photo of your hand alongside a ruler will help to get the size perfect.

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Carbon Steel Knife

CND $  100 

I cannot remember a day, or if I can not very many days where I have not used a knife to do something. To say a good quality knife is worth its weight in gold, would be wrong. Becuase been caught out in the woods with a bar of gold would not be my choice. I would rather have a knife. My knives is what it is - full of character, practical, blessed by fire and made with love and respect. I take my time and put lots of effort into making a very usefull, sharp and handy knife.

Forged  to provide food, either hunting, camping, cooking, or to work hard on the homestead and to provide you some comfort when alone in the woods.  

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