There is much joy in making your own archery Accessories. This adds to the experience of shooting with traditional gear.

 My first quiver, I made from a self -tanned Springbok hide. I later gave it to my brother and he still uses it.  Also making your own arrows will help you understand the dynamics of arrow flight and the finer nuances of fine tuning your bow.  So with a reasonable fletching jig, taper tool, feather cutter, small gas burner and some sealant you can easily make your own arrows and safe lots of money in doing it.

Please contact me with any questions you might have.

Arrows - Shafts, Fletching or complete arrows.

Spruce shafts                                   : Cnd$ 8/shaft

Complete arrows (with fieldpoint) : Cnd$ 20

Turkey feathers (full length - 10")  :Cnd$ 5/each

Carbon Arrows                                 : Price on Request 

Quivers - Back or side

Made from quality hand stitched leather. The basic quiver is Cnd$ 300. This includes a custom quiver with personilazed features

Arm Guards and shooting tabs

Custom Guard           : Cnd$ 40

Custom Tabs             : Cnd $40

Hand Made from bison hide. Specify left or right handed. Split finger or 3 under. I photo of your hand alongside a ruler help to get the size perfect.