Knives - A constant Companion


I cannot remember a day, or if I can, not very many where I have not used a knife to do something. To say a good quality knife is worth its weight in gold, would be wrong. Because been caught out in the woods with a bar of gold would not be my first choice. I would rather have a knife. My knives is what it is - full of character, practical, blessed by fire and made with love and respect. I take my time and put lots of effort into making a very usefull, sharp and handy knife.

Forged  to provide food, either hunting, camping, cooking, or to work hard on the homestead and to provide you some comfort when alone in the woods.  


Camp, Hunting & Chef's Knives



Froged from high carbon steel , they hold a wicked sharp edge. Combinded with a sturdy spine they will hold up to any adventure you can think of!  Standard Knife are 4" to 10" blade length, with either wood or antler handle material.

Every knife is uniquely crafted, perfectly balanced for its purpose and wicked sharp!


Please do not consider a carbon steel knife  if you want to clean it in a dishwasher. This knife was made with love and respect and should be treated as such. Cleaning your own dishes after you have prepared a good meal, is time for reflection and a good conversation with either one self, family or friends!

Starting @ CND$  125

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