Knifes - A constant Companion

My knifes is what it is - full of character, practical, blessed by fire and made with love and respect.

Forged  to provide food, either hunting, camping or cooking. Please do not order from me if you have other intensions for my knifes. Peace be upon every blade and hand that wields it!


Camp & Hunting Knifes

Froged from high carbon steel (1084/1095), they hold a wicked sharp edge. Combinded with a sturdy spine they will hold up to any adventure you can think of


  • Handle materials: Wood or antler.

  • for hunting knifes: leaf shape blade , dirk style or cletic style blade (from 6" to 16" oal).

  • for camping knifes: Seax/Bowie style blade ( up to 16" aol)

  • full tang or through tang.

  • leather sheath included


Starting at Cnd $ 100


Chef's Knifes 

If Julia Child says, that carbon steel knifes are best, well who am I to argue! After all in the language of love "Uno non puo pensare bene, amare bene, dormore bene, se non ha mangiato bene"

Everyone uniquely crafted ,perfectly balanced and wicked sharp!


Blade styles : Custom

Handle material: Custom

Please do not consider this  if you want to clean it in a dishwasher. This knife was made with love and respect and should be treated as such.

Starting at Cnd $ 125