Grumpy Bear Archery

- Because every person deserves to smile

What archery has meant to me since 2006 and the journey it has taken me upon, is one of many discoveries and plenty of adventure. I have come to discover spirituality in shooting the bow and arrow and that brought me closer to my Creator, nature and myself.

I have come to accept the things I cannot change. Being present is of much more importance!


In every person’s life there is something that matters. To some it is music, writing or running. To me it was traditional archery and hunting with the longbow. To be in nature became my church, where I could constantly think about the Creator, the meaning of life and to face what was important…  and that is to smile!


There exist only a finite number of bow designs and all of them where “handed down “ to us throughout the history of humankind. We therefore have to admit, that we are only standing on the shoulders of giants. Yes, we do perhaps understand the physics better than a Neolithic archer, but when an arrow is in flight and pierces the deer’s heart, does this matter?

I stand behind all my bows and will extend a 2 year guarantee on the craftsmanship.


I build one bow at a time and try to always meet the customer’s demands within reason.

May your arrows fly true

Francois Squirra