Self Longbows  

Over the years that I have been involved in Traditional Archery, I came to fall in love with the longbow. Its pure simplicity, was what has drawn me towards it. Uncomplicated elegance. For my own personal reasons, I have come to make the words of Henry Thoreau my own, in the way I live my life:

"For a man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone"  - Thoreau

I prefer to use Osage orange to make my self longbows, sometimes I get my hands on other excellent wood such as ash, elm, black locust, or cherry.

Selfbow Longbow : Standard Pricing CND $650

When that first string was drawn, the bow was  all natural material. Thousands of years of history can be experienced again. The all wooden bow was the beginning....

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This 68" deflex/reflex longbow has a 21" riser. Designed to have a continuous arc when braced. Thus making it legal for all longbow classes. A powerful cast makes it the ideal bow for hunting with heavy arrows. Solid in the hand and no handshcock.

Standard bow with carbon on the back covered by a thin glass lamination, bamboo core and ULS glass on the belly to support the narrow tips.

CND$ 850