So long as the new moon returns in heaven a bent, beautiful bow, so long will the fascination of archery keep hold of the hearts of man  - Maurice Thompson 

Over the years that I have been involved in Traditional Archery, I came to fall in love with the longbow. Its pure simplicity was what has drawn me towards it. Uncomplicated elegance. For my own personal reason I have come to make the words of Henry Thoreau my own in the way I live my life:

"For a man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone" 


When that first string was drawn, the bow was  all natural material. Thousands of years of history can be experienced again. The all wooden bow was the beginning....

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Boreal Longbow


  • A smooth drawing, and fast shooting bow.

  • Deflex /reflex design. 

  •  An arrow will fly in absolute silence from this bow and arrive at its destination with serious intent.

  • No hand shock. 

  • Available in 64"-66"


  • Standard bow: CND$750 


Prairie Longbow

The “Prairie Longbow” is a straight limb  68" longbow, that is based upon the legendary Flatbow. The Flatbow design has its origin on the North American continent as well as ancient Europe. This bow reflects the honest, hard working people of the Prairies. The simplistic design is solid in hand and cast is moderate, but accurate. My personal favourite!



  • Standard bow CND$750

  • Take Down: Socket type - add CND $200 


Dragonfly Longbow

One beautiful spring morning while doing fencing on the farm, the mosquitoes was focussing hard on ruining my day, as only these insects can do after a long Manitoba winter. To keep myself from running for the truck, I started daydreaming about this new bow design of mine. I always like to give my bows a meaningful name and was wondering what to call this one. I cool breeze lifted as the sun began to warm the earth and I noticed that dragonflies where rising out of the green pasture. Now what happened next was nothing new to observe, but always produces a great delight in me. A mosquito came and sat on my shoulder and I was watching it, hoping.... When suddenly this beautiful emerald, blue and black dragonfly snatched the mosquito from my shoulder. I let out a cry of joy and my wife, startled, asked me what was going on. I told her "I got a name for my new bow!!"


A short ( 58 - 62") bow with a tremendously smooth draw, powerful cast and zero hand hock. The 8 " brace height will produce very accurate shooting and the small riser makes it a comfortable bow to carry during a hunt and it handles easily in thick bush or from  a tree stand. I designed this bow for hunting!

Standard core of bamboo and carbon

58" - 60" length

CND $800 Standard Bow



This 68" deflex/reflex longbow has a 21" riser. Designed to have a continuous arc when braced. Thus making it legal for all longbow classes. A powerful cast makes it the ideal bow for hunting with heavy arrows. Solid in the hand and no handshcock.

Standard bow with carbon on the back covered by a thin glass lamination, bamboo core and ULS glass on the belly to support the narrow tips.

CND$ 1000