Grumpy Bear Archery

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Prairie Longbow
-Straight Limb -because it works-

My  Prairie longbow are of a laminated construction. Layers of hardwood or bamboo is sandwiched between unidirectional fiberglass (Bo-Tuff). 

The long elegant limbs  make for a powerful cast and accurate shooting.

  • Standard price CND$ 550

  • 66" to 68" long

  • Straight grip riser with optional leather grip.

  • Fast flight string

  • Bow bag

  • Take Down versions available @ $150 extra


To place an order email me:

  • Have in mind the draw weight that you would like to shoot. If you are uncertain I will gladly discuss this with you. Usually the purpose of the bow will determine this.

  • I will then give you an idea as to what wood I have available and you can choose the look you would like.

  • We will also discuss deposits and shipping options.