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Grumpy Bear Archery

Quasar Longbow
-just a smidge of reflex -

Named after some of the most luminous light sources in our universe. Quasars are driven by supermassive black holes at the heart of  distant galaxies, at the very edge of the universe.


Shooting a straight limb longbow has that distinct feeling that you just do not get from another bow.  This 68"- 66" longbow has a 2.5" back-set (reflex). Just enough to add that extra cast to a very accurate design. without overdoing it.

It is lightweight and handles with ease  even  up in a tree-stand. And yes, it will hold its own in any 3D tournament and is the nemesis of many an unsuspecting dandelion.

I have based this laminate design on lessons learned from building many  wooden bows. I have incorporated  the features that I hold dear in the all wooden bow. I have taken from our ancestors.

Basically we are standing on the shoulders of giants who has provided for their families for thousands of years,​ and the Quasar pays homage to them.

  • Standard Bow CAD 650 


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