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Grumpy Bear Archery

How to choose a BOW style

I usually ask a new customer to close their eyes and imagine  a bow. I have found that although there are so many different types of wood and designs available, a person seems to gravitate towards that image of a bow that comes up in their mind. Mine is the straight limb long bow, 68" long with a leather grip. I also see the back quiver and wooden arrows. But that is just me. What bow do you see?

How to choose draw weight

Bigger is not better. And neither is heavier. Accuracy and enjoyment is what you should aim for. I make bows from 20lb  to 65lb of draw weight.

Ask yourself what the purpose of the bow will be. If it is for the pure enjoyment of shooting the bow or hunting small game, under 40 lb of draw is recommended. If you occasionally want to hunt big game or just like shooting heavier bows, between 40lb to 50lb of draw is recommended. Any bow above 50lb of draw requires great physical strength, and should be avoided unless there is a reason for shooting such a heavy bow.

Note: If hunting any game I recommend that you adhere to the hunting laws of your region.

Determining your Draw Length

  1. Measure the distance between your fingertips , when you stretch your arms out. Imagine you are souring.

  2. Take this distance (measured in inches) and divide by 2.5.  Example: If the distance between your fingertips is 69", dividing this by 2.5 gives 27.6"

  3. Now this is a good indication of your draw length and most likely you will be around that distance when you draw a bow.

For my wooden series of bows I use selected wood or board staves and tiller it to your specifications. I try to source my wood as close to home as I can.

  • Included with every bow is riser and tips overlays. I use natural material for tip overlays and they are designed to be used with high performance string material.

  • All standard bows include  a bow sleeve, stringer and Fast Flight Flemish style string.

  • All bows have a  2 year guarantee, which is subject to conditions. I will gladly, upon request, forward you a manual to see what these conditions are.







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