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Bows & Arrows 

Traditional archers are drawn to this form of archery because of its simplicity. But our human nature then just go and make things as complicated as possible again. Selecting the right bow, quiver and arrows can sometimes feel like a daunting task.

My advice is personal preference should rule. Do not try and apologise for your choices or even worse, try and justify yourself.

Just choose your journey and enjoy.

And then, when a road diverse in the forest, you are free to choose another path, or go back the way you came.

 So here are my thoughts and advice on the following:


I have carried all sizes and designs of hunting and outdoor knives that is available out there. I have done this while hunting and living in Canada and Africa. I have come to the conclusion than bigger is not always better, although I always have a large knife or preferably a hatchet in my pack. I have come to adopt a couple of very versatile designs form history.

See my Knife range and what is available for sale or order.


Basic Survival Kit (day pack)

Yes, we are mortal and yes stuff can happen. Being prepared is your best defence. I have over the years put together a small survival pack, that I always carry with me when I'm out in the bush, hunting fishing or hiking.  I also take it along when I have to drive in Winter time. Living in the Canadian Prairies, winter temperatures can be frigid.  

learn more...


There are back -quivers, side quivers, cat quivers, bow quivers, pocket quiver and any other object that can serve for holding your arrows. Which one works the best? They all do.


The choice depends on what you prefer to use or have available.  All quivers have pros and cons, and if you can live with that, any quiver can work for your archery adventures. I use all types of quivers during the year. It depends on how I feel on the day. No other reason.

One thing I will say is this: To carry your arrows in your hand, or god forbid stuffed in your pants behind your back like people in movies do with guns, is not safe. So please avoid it, especially if you have broad-headed arrows. 

Make it a rule:

  1.  Do not put an arrow on your bow-string, if you do not intend to shoot it at a target.

  2. Return the arrow to your quiver as soon as you can.

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