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The Full Story

I was pulling back on a new bow that I just finished. I felt my anchor point, focused on my target all the while keeping at full draw, and then...

In that moment, time stood still, the Universe held its breath and the string slipped from my fingers.

The arrow shaft soared the space of twenty yards, flashing the red and white feathers in a spiral pattern. And as my eyes followed this trajectory, I could see the destination.

I got excited as I knew what was about to happen. A whoop was building in my chest and as the arrow thumped the tennis ball, swinging from a string, and pinned it to the hay bale, I let out a cry of joy.

My wife was watching me from the garden and when I noticed her smile, I knew it was because she saw the youthfulness in me. And not because I’m young, but because I’m young at heart.

I raised my bow high and smiled back at her. It was a smile, barely containing the burst of laughter that followed.

The only object of archery should be a deep spiritual fulfilment.

I have journeyed through Archery and the natural world all my life and have come to learn some  very important lesson.


I hope I shall  have the opportunity to still learn some more.


What follows are some of my thoughts on Traditional Archery, the equipment and philosophy of a way of life.

Choosing your Bow
I usually asked a new customer to close their eyes and imagine a bow. I have found that although there are so many different types.... more

Archery Practice
Ever felt like perhaps you should practice? Or that what you are doing feels like you are running around in circles? I have often spent time thinking about this, and because I spent a lot of time thinking, I have come to the realisation that there is an easy, logical way to practise

.. more


As a traditional archer, you wont need much more than your bow, arrows, a quiver, shooting tabs and arm guard to enjoy hours of shooting or hunting.

A good knife, a basic survival kit, water bottle and good backpack will greatly enhance your outdoor experience. More 

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