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I started making bow and arrows since I had the proper hand eye coordination. Those crude bend saplings with twine strings and reed arrows provided  me with countless hours hunting for rabbits, or in the case that I came across an evil king's castle, to lay siege upon such evil. (I have a very active imagination.)

But since 2006, I started making more serious bows. Although those bend saplings are still close to my heart and I still rid the world of evil, monster dandelions, or the occasional were-rabbit

Welcome to Grumpy Bear Archery.

Our aim  is to make you smile!

Watching a feather fledged  arrow in flight, will do just that!

Whether you like to rove around the woods, shooting at stumps and flowers or hunting small or big game, we can provide you with the necessary equipment to enjoy your journey.

Our bows and accessories are crafted with care to provide you with countless hours, of time well spend, roving  around the wilderness.



Get in touch so we can start working together.

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